The little things.

Before throwing out these tiny clippings I decided to give them another chance in our house. While putting water into these little vessels the light hit them just perfectly. Naturally I grabbed my camera. 

Marchesa in Motion

I had the amazing opportunity to shoot backstage at the Marchesa show for this years Fashion Week in NYC.  My intent was to just get back to my roots of documenting the backstage hustle and bustle.  To my surprise, my wonderful friend also let me shoot during the show. 

My goal is to put some of these together in a bigger presentation, - a conglomerate of images - so this project isn't over, but for now they will live here. 

A Morning in LA

I love hiking so much. I grew up surrounded by miles and miles of flat land, so being here in Los Angeles, hiking has become a gift that I'll never take for granted. The views, and the sky always blow my mind. Whether its the smog or not, the sky here can take your breath away when the sun starts to set. Or... even just on a random morning when the clouds are just right.

Here are some images taken on my Yashica 35mm. Film is a magical thing, and it captured this particular cotton candy morning sky perfectly. 

35mm Yashica

I shot some 35mm Yashica film on a camera I bought on ebay for $40. I took a chance and brought it with me to Greece and Turkey. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. These are unedited scans. The grain, sharpness and shadow quality is impeccable. It goes to show that sometimes the most simple machines can produce the most beautiful imagery. Its times like these that I remember why I do what I do, and why I fell in love with shooting---before I ever had a digital camera. 


Its official, Im back to shooting film. 


traveling through a lens

This is my first blog post. Ever.


This photo is from my honeymoon. My husband was a good sport about me toting around my Canon digital SLR and my Yashica J-7 most of our travels. I also did my part to try  to be 'in the moment' and not to have my eye pressed up a camera the whole trip. I forgot what a high I get from capturing a gritty portrait or an unfamiliar cityscape. It was something I missed so much. 


I studied abroad in Florence, Italy my junior summer of college. I was taking a Photography semester at SRISA. Upon my return to Chicago, my parents were waiting for me outside of the gate to welcome me home. I was eager to see them. But now that I look back, I laugh a bit to myself because I also remember crying in the back seat of their car as we drove away from the airport. 

I had never experienced anything like that before. I cried for the memories I had made, for the amount of gratitude that I felt and how small I felt in comparison to the world I had just seen. I cried because I missed the people I had met and photographed over time. All the history I had seen with my own eyes at a fresh twenty years old. I couldn't believe I was back driving to the suburbs of Chicago. I felt so fortunate to have had that experience... and almost at a loss for words for what I had experienced that summer. 

Fast forward a decade or so, and I've had the privilege of traveling much more than that one summer. I've been back to Italy a few times, to relive those moments and to visit with those people that changed me. I've traveled all over our wonderful country, to Spain, France, England, Mexico, Guatemala...and now, Its 2015 and with my husband, we traveled to Greece and Turkey together. 


Whether it be a honeymoon, or a spur of the moment trip- my comfort lies in learning through each lens I carry.  I hope to continue this blog, not only for my fashion related work but for the moments that stick with me and for the beauty I want to share.